Revenue. Redefined.

REQURE is a platform enabling businesses to flexibly manage their multi-channel sales process; consolidated into an
easy-to-use service.

Users can easily modify quotations, manage complex billing cycles on the go and have clear insights into all of their sales KPI’s via detailed reporting tools.

Why was REQURE developed?

We created a new category where we enable our customers to manage their company's top-line performance. In today’s world we see a continuous growth of differentiated sales channels spanning anywhere from traditional offline sales to complex online sales. The online world has become an extremely complex and competitive businesses need to easily adapt to changing environments and customer demands. The need for a dynamic driven pricing strategy is of utmost importance.

Built Upon a
Solid Foundation

We have developed an intuitive, secure platform for the complete management of finance; powered by a strong technology backbone.
Core Platform Functionality
Technology Backbone
The REQURE platform employs the latest cloud based security measures to ensure that your customer data and personal finances are protected. Furthermore, the platform is housed on AWS cloud based servers to maximise reliability and minimise downtime.
The platform has been developed with maximum uptime in mind. By employing highly efficient database clusters, we can ensure that REQURE will always be available for you to utilise and access. Your finance is always available; 24/7
Regardless of the size of your operation, REQURE will scale with your business removing any potential bottleneck. Regardless of the number of invoices you send, or the number of products in your catalogue, REQURE's cloud based systems will support you throughout.
Solution rooted in usability and efficiency
As the world’s most complete revenue management platform, REQURE gives businesses the tools and technology to be better.
Assisting your growth potential
Leverage REQURE's powerful toolset to maximise your company's revenue potential; ensuring you get paid the efficiently, and always on time!
Built from the ground up
All of REQURE's features were developed with purpose and function to provide as much value to SME's and large corporations as possible.
A feature for every use case
Use REQURE in any way you see fit; suiting your business and operations specifically. Our features can be used together or separately depending on your requirements.
3rd Party Integrations
Our platform seamlessly connects to various integrations that can be used to further streamline your daily business operations.
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Easily manage your entire financial backbone; from customers to stock levels.
Technology First Approach
Our development team focused on developing technology enriched tools to make the entire management of finance and product seamless.
Customer Relationship
Solid Business Foundation
Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying efficiency, profitability and cash flow of your business utilising our detailed KPI statistics dashboard.
A-Z Prospect Timeline
From quotation, to signup, to invoice; manage the entire customer flow from start to finish. No delays, no paperwork, no hassle.
Integrated Payment Gateway
Go a step further and take recurring payments directly with the REQURE platform. A single payment system for your entire business operation.
Not sure which plan will suit you best?
Have one of our REQURE experts help you choose the plan that's right for you.
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