Case Study
Cartracker Netherlands - Case Studies
March 15, 2021
Case Study

What does Cartracker do?

Cartracker B.V is a fleet management SAAS business in the Netherlands. They specialise in providing complete end-to-end telematics solutions; including hardware and software combining together to deliver a detailed, seamless experience.


From a finance perspective, the business is relatively intricate with multiple pricing models including one-off product sales and varying monthly or annualised recurring contracts. Furthermore, the selling of hardware means that the business needs to keep track of inventory and assign it to match certain invoicing cycles.


Where does REQURE come in?

REQURE was developed to assist the business with its complex financial structure. In, essence the business sells various hardware products which incur a one-off cost plus an additional recurring subscription (paid annually or monthly). In addition, additional accessory products are also offered to clients which can be bundled in with the primary product.


At the quotation stage, REQURE’s detailed price list feature ensured that sales agents were able to quote for all variations of product available, including different combinations and term lengths. Quotations can include one-off products and monthly recurring combined which is especially useful for this type of business. In addition, once the agent is happy with the quotation, it can be sent directly to the client from within the platform. This speeds up workflow, and coupled with the integrated Docusign™ feature, the client is able to sign off on the term length and send it back.


At the order stage, depending on the required products, stock IMEI’s can be assigned to each client order. This helps keep track of where stock is allocated and was integrated directly into Cartracker’s administrative backend system. REQURE also clearly reflects which deals are at the ‘order’ stage and allows users to process them quickly and deliver the products in a timely fashion.


Finally at the invoicing stage, REQURE automatically delivers the monthly recurring invoices to clients. If more devices are added during the contract lifecycle, then they are automatically added on and the invoice value adjusts dynamically. This makes it incredibly easy to process further order and to increase the revenue per customer.


Administrative Overview

For any business, it’s important that the management team can gain quick access to KPI’s and reports to get a grasp of what is going on within the business. REQURE enables Cartracker to track the performance of the sales team down to individual statistics such as number of items sold, average order value and many more. In addition, more generic KPI’s such as revenue, global items sold and invoices sent assisted the Cartracker team directly from the ‘highlight’ dashboard.


Improvement in daily operations

After successfully implementing the REQURE platform into their daily operations, Cartracker began to see a marked improvement in customer signature rates and timely payments. This was attributed to the integration features built directly into the core product. Docusign™ ensured that clients had an easy method of signing the contract, whilst the automated invoicing andMollie™ allowed agents to automatically take payments. Furthermore, sales turnover increased by over 25% with the management team being able to keep a closer eye on individual performance.




By doing away with various segmented tools, REQURE was able to provide Cartracker with an all-in-one solution that greatly improved the efficiency of their daily operation.

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March 15, 2021 10:34
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Cartracker Netherlands - Case Studies
Cartracker B.V is a fleet management SAAS business in the Netherlands. They specialise in providing complete end-to-end telematicssolutions; including hardware and software combining together to deliver a detailed...
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