Launch of REQURE - the future of billing
May 11, 2021
REQURE brings together traditional product and finance solutions into a single, powerful platform for small and large businesses alike. By centralising these key operational tasks, businesses inevitably become more efficient, streamlined and transparent. With REQURE, it's never been easier to have a detailed oversight across various connected business segments at once; all from a single, clean dashboard. Our platform was designed from the ground up for this exact purpose; doing away with segmented tools and delivering a single experience.


Why was REQURE developed?

Initially, the platform was designed for a single company. We felt that the market only offered segments of the complete system we required and not a global end-to-end solution; from product to recurring, etc. After a year of iteration and feedback, we began to receive interest from multiple external parties and therefore took the decision to expand the platform's capabilities for general use.

REQURE is built around 5 key features which come together to provide complete management of finance and product from A-Z.


Teams can create a quotation in just a heartbeat, setting the amount based on quantity and / or duration. Have complete control over prices, brackets, discounts and terms from the REQURE product list. Make sure your team follows the same sales process every time and give them just enough ‘wiggle room’ to close that deal.

Inventory Management

REQURE can be used for any kind of business; from subscription based to product based or a combination of both. If you are selling hardware with a subscription,REQURE will make sure you know at all times which serial / IMEI numbers are connected to that order. This way you will never lose track of your inventory and sold stock.


Sales CRM

REQURE helps sales, marketing and service teams to reach their full potential in everything they do. Boost your sales productivity, increase win rate and forecasted pipelines and improve customer retention and engagement.. With REQURE you get a clear overview of your customer base and gives you insights per customer in their contract details, orders, devices, open inquiries, etc.


KPI & Reporting

Our powerful analytics and KPI dashboard give you a complete 360 degree view of the entire business. This can only be achieved by integrating all systems under one banner, and dramatically increases efficiency during day to day operations.


Invoicing & Recurring

Sit back and let REQURE do the work for you. Once all the orders are created, our system will take over. The invoices are all scheduled automatically; never again forget to send one out! In a single clear overview you can see all the invoices that went out or are scheduled to go out. You can easily pause schedules, if you want to wait with invoicing. See how much revenue you will have today, tomorrow, next week or any other period.


Why pick REQURE?

Technology First Approach

Our development team focused on developing technology enriched tools to make the entire management of finance and product seamless.

Solid Business Foundation

Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying efficiency, profitability and cash flow of your business utilising our detailed KPI statistics dashboard.

A-Z Prospect Timeline

From quotation, to signup, to invoice; manage the entire customer flow from start to finish. No delays, no paperwork, no hassle.

Integrated Payment Gateway 

Go a step further and take recurring payments directly with the REQURE platform. A single payment system for your entire business operation.

For more information, visit the ‘About Us’ section on the REQURE site or please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to working with you to assist your growth potential!



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May 11, 2021 9:45
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Launch of REQURE - the future of billing
REQURE brings together traditional product and finance solutions into a single, powerful platform for small and large businesses alike. By centralising these key operational tasks, businesses inevitably become more ef...
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